Tomato Plant Spacing 101: How to Calculate the Optimal Spaces

22 May

tomato plant spacing

Tomatoes are some of the best plants you could grow in your garden. They’re delicious, nutritious, full of vitamins, low on calories, and they help you save money as well. Not to mention the fact that they’re easy to grow. All of these things considered, it’s no surprise so many people plant tomatoes in their […]

The Best Tomato Fertiliser

14 Sep


Does your tomato fertiliser provide the nutrients your plant needs to grow the very best, juicy tomatoes? If you’re not sure, we’ll walk you through soil nutrition and fertiliser step by step. You won’t believe what a difference it will make to the health and yield of your tomato plant. Understanding Soil Nutrition The nutrition […]

Tomato Plant Nutrition: What Nutrients do Tomato Plants Need?

5 Sep

soil test

Every tomato grower has a ‘secret recipe’ for tomato growing success. An integral part of a high yield is proper tomato plant nutrition. That’s right – plants need food, too! Giving a plant the right food at the right time will not only increase fruit yield, it will also help prevent damage from diseases and […]

Crop Rotation: What to Plant After Tomatoes

29 Aug

what to plant after tomatoes

Wondering what to plant after tomatoes? Crop rotation is incredibly important, as it optimizes the nutrients in your soil, and assists in growing absolutely delicious tomatoes. Why Practice Crop Rotation? Farmers world-wide have used certain practices to enhance the quality of their produce, such as growing by the phases of the moon. Crop rotation is […]

Understanding Your Garden’s Soil Type

13 Aug

Garden Soil

Understanding your garden’s soil type is essential to growing healthy tomatoes, as soil type determines how much nutrients your plant has access to. Different soil types have different pH levels, and different pH levels represent the availability of certain nutrients. Understanding the nutrient content of your soil will help you regulate organic matter and fertiliser, […]

6 Steps for Vertical Gardening

5 Jul

vertical gardening

One of the most exciting trends in gardening worldwide is vertical gardening, particularly for those who have limited or no horizontal space. Not only do vertical gardens beautify a boring fence or wall; some vegetables and fruit – including the smaller tomato varieties – do well and provide urban dwellers with the opportunity to grow […]

10 Tips for Harvesting Tomatoes

6 May

harvesting tomatoes

You’ve done all the hard work, and you’re ready to harvest your home-grown tomatoes. The last thing you want is to cut into an over or under ripened fruit. Here are our 10 tips for harvesting tomatoes. 1. Harvest Before Fully Coloured Although your tomatoes may not look fully ripened, harvesting just before they are […]

Top 5 Benefits of Mulching

9 Apr

benefits of mulching

There are so many benefits of mulching, and we highly recommend mulching the soil around your tomato plants. Mulching can reduce evaporation, keep soil cooler, add nutrients, prevent erosion and maintain soil structure. Remember to water thoroughly before you mulch, and do not apply mulch any thicker than 7.5cm (3 inches). 1.Mulching Reduces Evaporation A […]

3 Common Tomato Problems

18 Mar

tomato diseases

In your home garden, you probably won’t encounter too many pests and diseases. But if you do, don’t give up! It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact issue, so here are three common tomato problems you may have witnessed when growing tomatoes and their possible causes. For more in-depth information about a wide range […]

Tomatoes Can Protect Against Disease

26 Feb

tomato health benefits

There’s no question – tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Tomato health benefits are due to high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, which benefit your health and protect against disease. Nutrients Found in Tomatoes Tomatoes are nutritional powerhouses. They are excellent sources of vitamin C (one tomato makes up one-third of […]