How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes is a runaway best seller – with thousands of copies sold to buyers in 88 countries. The book has been featured in over 21 publications in Australia, the US and Canada; an on TV and radio.  They’ve had many requests for books on various gardening topics and are happy to report that further indepth vegetable/fruit growing titles are in production.  In fact the next books, How to Grow Great Potatoes  and Companion Planting for Veggies have been launched and are also proving to be very popular, right around the world.

Lucia Grimmer holds a Masters Degree in Plant Pathology and works as a technical nutrition specialist in the fertiliser industry.  She has studied at many universities including several in the USA, and has worked in a research capacity in government and commercial organizations.She is the author of several scientific papers and technical disease and nutrition manuals.  Lucia has won several awards from farming magazines for her technical articles.Originally from Zimbabwe, Lucia and her husband owned a 1500 ha farm where they grew commercial and horticultural crops including tomatoes before they migrated to Australia. As a specialist in plant disease and nutrition, Lucia provides professional advice  to commercial growers of tomatoes around the world. AnnetteWAnnette Welsford has a partial degree in Horticulture and a Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing.  Having lived in the cold, temperate and hot parts of Australia and the UK, she has gained experience over the years with gardening in a variety of climates.Annette also worked for a fertiliser company where she was responsible for developing, editing and publishing a several technical manuals on nutrition and fungal diseases for a wide range of horticultural crops including tomatoes.Her husband, originally from the southern tip of New Zealand is also an avid vegetable gardener.  He’s grown many tomato crops over the years throughout New Zealand and is now experiencing the delights of being able to grow tomatoes all year round in the sub-tropics.

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