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I have received the book and am delighted with the information it has provided. We are approaching the winter and I live on the high-veld here in RSA, which means that I can start growing seed by end of September. The large Ox-heart and large yellow tomatoes will be targeted for next season. Your service has been excellent, while the information provided is more than enough, also explained in an easy to understand method.
Mack McKenzie, Ermelo, Mpumalanga, South Africa
The book is great and I think it may have saved my crop this year from a total disaster. It also has inspired me to try some different varieties next year that where listed in the book. I have been growing tomatoes for the past 10 years and have always had great success but this year things started going pear-shaped. After reading the book I found a number of possible causes and by making adjustments saved the plants from certain death. I am already picking big juicy tomatoes and thanks to the book the season is not a total loss. Your service is first class and I have already recommended the book to others.
Nigel Seager, West Ryde, NSW, Australia
Hello Annette, I very much enjoyed your book and the huge amount of information it gave me. I thought the layout was superb and made finding items of interest conveniently arranged. The color photos were also extremely helpful
June Collins, San Diego, USA
I already learned a lot just thumbing through a few pages.The seeds I planted this spring are from seeds, from seeds, from seeds and so on, my mother got from a neighbor lady about 45 years ago. planted them not knowing for sure what I was doing. I soon found out I needed help. I’m not sure how I found you folks but I’m glad I did. I’ll keep you posted on how things progress.  Thanks very much,
Greg Wallner, Florida, USA
Have a fantastic crop of tomatoes this season thanks to your good book on tomatoes. My mate and I have about 90 plants in. All friends and etc. making relish, sauce and whatever else you can do with tommy’s. Just planted another 45 plants today. Thank you Annette.
Ron Pain, Mildura, Vic, Australia
This must have taken you a long time to research and write. It’s so comprehensive – and very well presented. I live in a cold climate, so I need all the help I can get with tomatos. There’s a few things I’ve noticed already I’ve been doing wrong.
Robert Gane, Ashburton, New Zealand
Last year I picked about 10kg total off my main plant. This year after following your advice, that doubled. For years I’ve put effort into preparing the soil before I planted them, but I never followed up with the additional fertiliser applications which you mention. I found your tips on fertilizing extraordinary, I never new about the root dipping tip, which has a big impact on the size of my plants. With all the drought problems we have, getting the watering right has been crucial.  Thanks
Geoff King, Beaumaris, Vic, Australia
Have not had a chance to read the entire book, but what I have read is very good!  I also purchased several books on tomatoes from amazon.com.  Your book is by far the very best I have.  I was very interested in diseases and pests (red spider mites) and how to control the problem.  I recomend your book to anyone who grows tomatoes for fun or is very serious.  By the by, I am going to take your book to Armstrong gardens tomorrow to show it to one of their associates who gives lectures (free) on growing tomatoes.  I’m sure she will like the book and will probably recommend it to her students…
Dayle Pipher, California, USA
I have read most of the book and it seems very thorough and well-written. I think it did help me to understand some basic topics such as mulching, soil nutrition, fertilization and watering which led to a very wonderful crop of tomatoes this year (which are still yielding fruit). I have a rather modest garden with only four tomato plants but those four have afforded my family a constant supply of tomatoes and we have been able to supply our neighbors and friends as well.
K Lynne, Rochester, USA
I love your tomato growing book and I reference it all the time and have told many people about it, who I hope have gone on to purchase it. You are doing a great job and I look forward to any new products you write.
Diane Gardner, Lower Plenty, Vic, Australia
Book excellent. For two years I could not fine a book dedicated to tomato growing in the UK.  It seems there may be an opportunity for you here.
Ken Brown, Cumbria, UK
This certainly is a great handbook.  I love it and will learn much by using it.  Am impressed with the amount of detail you go into with all the viruses, funguses and pests.  The information in the bonuses is worth a lot too.  I like charts.  They summarize so much information in a condensed space.  A monumental effort.  Well done.
Joe Baume, South Carolina, USA
Yes we were very pleased with all the information required for us as we already grew tomatoes but knowledge is never enough. So the more information you have the better the product. It’s a very up to date book and very satisfied with it.
Ursola Caruana, Malta
I’m getting such a large crop that I can’t possibly eat them all
William Spiegal, USA
The service has been extremely good I have already read the book from cover to cover,some areas at least twice I am 72 years old and have been growing tomatoes for nigh on 50+yearsThis is the most comprehensive easy to read book on tomatoes in my experience and will be passed on to my son when I have absorbed it all.
Clive Bainbridge, Middlesex, UK
It provides me with more information than I’ve ever had on Tomatoes.  I have not had a chance to read it in its entirety.  I am just picking through for relevant information as it pertains to the current growth of my tomatoes.  I purchased it primarily for identifying and treated various disease situations. Completely satisfied with the book.  Thanks for creating/marketing it!
J Gingrich, Kansas, USA
I am in the process of reading the book now. There is so much in it I am trying absorb it bit by bit. Yes, the book is very complete. Your service and responses have been outstanding and I appreciate your help. Will recommend your book to others.
Fred DuBard Jr., Florence, SC, USA
I am extremely pleased with both the book and the service . The follow up concern is a very nice touch and real rarity in this age. I also  purchased tomato recipe book and am very pleased with it. I will highly recommend both to friends and acquaintances .  Thanks again.
Walt Sullivan, San Diego, USA
Your book has been much more than I had ever expected. Thank you so much.
Jack Doyle, Alexandria, USA
Your book has been very helpful.  My tomatoes are doing great.Thanks!!
Larry Holler, Morehead City, USA
I have been following your how to grow juicy tomato instructions for soil preparation and am having greater success with the soil. Thank you very much for your time and I am still avidly using your book as a reference to forge onward through each step – hopefully with a large supply of tasty tomatoes at the end!!
Anne Jessett, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
I received your book and to say the least, it is very informative. I planted my very first tomatoes early this spring here in Southeast Texas and had a surprising number of very good tomatoes from 7 different plants. Your book has already noted several things I did wrong on my first go at growing this very tasty crop and I certainly will do a few things different this time.
Bob Ware, Texas, USA
I am enjoying the book tremendously. I only wish I had read it several months ago before I planted my tomatoes. I shouldn’t have planted them in the same place. Also, I didn’t prepare the soil correctly.
Maureen Sheydaei, Colorado, USA
I received the book OK and have read most of it. It has already been quite helpful and I have some very healthy looking tomatoe plants! The pictures of specific diseases look to be very informative. I am very satisfied with the purchase.
Michael Dawdee, Kansas, USA
The book was very helpful in my success of growing fabulous tomatoes. i am a novice and your book provided me with alot of does and donts. I found the information was invaluable, once again thank you very much. sincerely,
Judith Cariddo, Florida, USA
The book turned up yesterday and I have been flat out reading all and sundry. This is the best book by far on this subject and you are both to be congratulated on your  efforts.
Brian Smith, Auckland, New Zealand
I would like to say that I have had much pleasure in reading How To Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. I think its a wonderful book, full of great and smart ideas. Its a wealth of knowledge, and I am very pleased to have purchased one.
Benjamin Rolliston, Tasmania, Australia
I have browsed the entire book and read in detail many parts, and it has answered several questions I have had since trying my hand at growing tomatoes in Oklahoma . Most of the problems I have experienced are addressed in your book and I am looking forward to preparing for and growing next year’s crop.
Dale Mavis, Oklahoma, USA
Thank you very much for your book received in April. I have found it to be so much more comprehensive than anything I have ever seen before & have tried to follow instructions to the letter. I planted Grosse Lisse seedlings in a raised garden bed mid May & they are now over 6′ tall & growing well. Once again, many thanks for your book which will never get hidden in a bookshelf.
Graeme Mogridge, Bundaberg, Qld, Australia
Your book is very well done.  It is without question the most complete volume on the Heirloom Tomato subject.  I have seen some of the information in my research on the web but no one has put it together in one package the way you have.
I have skimmed much of it and read some chapters thoroughly.  When I have completed a thorough reading I will respond further.
Mark Winblad, Hemet, CA, USA
This is a great book and very easy to understand. I especially love that the information is not complicated and easy to follow. The simple instructions and hints are all I need to have healthier tomatoes. I also like that you have a listing of so many varieties and where to get them.
Mary Aniol, Cardiff Sth, NSW, Australia
Congratulations on your marketing / follow-up response letter.
I have not had such a follow-up from any other publisher / supplier. Well done in producing the Tomato Book. My opinion is that POLLINATION is important enough to deserve an entry in the CONTENTS. Each truss of flowers has such a small window of opportunity to achieve successful pollination – a few days – and this is important particularly in greenhouses where there are no natural provisions (wind / bumblebees) – factors of humidity, temperature and vibration can all have some human influence / control in a greenhouse, I think that your website is one of the most informative and attractive available on the WWW. Best wishes for your future productions.
Ian Sampson, Harrogate, UK