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Why and How to Prune Tomatoes

7 Jul

Removing suckers

Remove suckers below the first cluster of flowers. While staking and pruning is considered by some commercial tomato farmers to be a waste of money – purely because it is so labour intensive – this doesn’t apply to the average home veggie garden. More often than not home gardens have very limited space and so […]

Pruning Your Plants

17 Mar

pruning tomato plants

With tomatoes it is important to maximise the efficiency of photosynthesis and limit the amount of disease. To do this the plant needs lots of light and airflow around it. If a plant is properly pruned and supported, nearly every leaf will have access to the sun. Most of the nutrients and sugars produced are […]

Growing Healthy Tomatoes – Pruning and Staking Techniques

19 Feb

Pruning and Staking Tomato

Beautiful, gigantic, and perfect tomatoes do not grow by themselves! While tomatoes originated in the wild, centuries of cultivation have produced countless varieties, each needing their own special care. Some varieties of tomatoes grow in compact bushy forms, while others grow and grow, like vines, continually setting fruit. Depending on the type of tomato and […]