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Fresh Tomato Soup

23 Apr

Tomatoes are an incredibly versatile food ingredient that can be eaten raw, cooked or made into soups and sauces. They can be stuffed with meat, rice or breadcrumbs, and used as the main ingredient in tarts. Combined with onions and a few spices, they also make a refreshing sambal for curries and other Eastern dishes.  […]

What You Can Do With Green Tomatoes

18 Aug

green tomatoes

If you ask most people what you can do with green tomatoes, they will immediately chirp: “Fry them!” This probably has more to do with the 1990s movie Fried Green Tomatoes than recipes for the fruit, even though people have been cooking unripe tomatoes for centuries. There are several old recipes for fried green tomatoes […]

Serving Raw Tomatoes

23 Jun

Raw Tomatoes

There’s many ways to prepare beautiful fresh tomatoes Tomatoes are amongst the easiest vegetables to grow, and also amongst the most satisfying. In fact if – or when you get it right, you’ll find you have an ongoing crop throughout the warm season. While tomatoes are great to pick and eat in the height of […]

Freezing Tomatoes Correctly – Make the Most of Your Crop

14 Jan

Freezing tomatoes

So you have successfully nurtured and lovingly tended to your tomato plants all season and now they are literally starting to bear the fruits of your labor. There is usually only one problem now and that is the sheer number of tomatoes your plants are producing. There is no way that you will be able […]