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3 Common Tomato Problems

18 Mar

tomato diseases

In your home garden, you probably won’t encounter too many pests and diseases. But if you do, don’t give up! It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact issue, so here are three common tomato problems you may have witnessed when growing tomatoes and their possible causes. For more in-depth information about a wide range […]

Irradiated Tomatoes in Australia

27 Apr

best juicy tomatoes

It may soon be legal for tomatoes and capsicum in Queensland, Australia to be legally irradiated to kill bacteria and bugs. This announcement was made by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) in mid-March 2013, just four years after the Federal Government prohibited the irradiation of imported cat food after a large number of animals […]

Tomato Bunchy Top Viroid attacks Belgian Garden

4 Jul

Tomato Bunchy Top Viroid

Tomato plants growing in a garden in Belgium have been struck by a strange, little-known disease called Tomato Bunchy Top Viroid (or Virus). After growing to a height of about 600 mm or 2 ft, the tomato plants, which are growing in Chris Pavis’s Tervuren garden, develop growing tips with lots of tiny leaves all […]

Ways to Control Tomato Bugs and Pests

2 Sep

Many insects loath the smell of garlic

There are various ways to control the many bugs and pests that infest and eat tomatoes and tomato plants. Methods range from what may best be described as “good housekeeping”, where your soil and the garden environment are kept clean and well-weeded, to applying insecticides that have been evolved to control specific bugs. While the […]

Tomato Bugs and Pests

22 Aug

tomato bugs and pests

Much as we love tomatoes, so too do a number of bugs and other pests. For this reason it is essential to keep an eye out for those that are most common and to take corrective action as soon as you spot them. Tomatoes are also susceptible to a number of quite common diseases, so […]

Red Spider Mite can be a Problem for Tomatoes

7 Mar

spider mite

An infestation of spider mite is generally brought about by hot, dry temperatures and low humidity.  Sometimes, if using pyrethroid-based or other pesticides that are broad-spectrum and which kill all insects – both beneficial and pest – an outbreak can arise, because all the natural predators of these mites, have been killed. To the uninitiated, […]

Tomato Pest And Disease Problems

7 Mar

spider mite damage on tomato

Tomatoes are in the potato family, and are susceptible to tens, if not hundreds of pest and disease problems; however, that should not stop any tomato loving gardener from harvesting buckets of healthy tomatoes. The key is to learn how to prevent, diagnose and treat tomato problems. Tomato Disease Prevention Banishing disease starts with healthy growing […]