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Growing Tomatoes with Companion Plants

19 Nov

growing tomatoes

Most of us value good companions in life; but not everyone realizes that plants also appreciate good companions. For some it will be a revelation to discover that like humans, plants also need companions that will shelter them, support them, and help them survive by providing nutrients, often attracting insects that will pollinate their companions, […]

Irradiated Tomatoes in Australia

27 Apr

best juicy tomatoes

It may soon be legal for tomatoes and capsicum in Queensland, Australia to be legally irradiated to kill bacteria and bugs. This announcement was made by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) in mid-March 2013, just four years after the Federal Government prohibited the irradiation of imported cat food after a large number of animals […]

Companion Planting – Do Carrots really love Tomatoes?

11 Mar

While a growing number of people are realising the benefits of companion planting, there is still a certain mystique about why some specific vegetables thrive with others. Similarly, those not in the know find it puzzling that it can be disastrous to combine plantings of certain other vegetable types together. For example, carrots love tomatoes; […]

Companion Planting for your Tomatoes

2 Dec

Companion Planting for your Tomatoes

There’s a classic book called Carrots love Tomatoes that was written by a North American woman, Louise Riotte, nearly four decades ago. Considered by many to be the “bible” of companion planting, it was first published in 1975, and is still on the bookstore bookshelves years after her death in 1998. But in those days […]