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The Best Tomato Fertiliser

14 Sep


Does your tomato fertiliser provide the nutrients your plant needs to grow the very best, juicy tomatoes? If you’re not sure, we’ll walk you through soil nutrition and fertiliser step by step. You won’t believe what a difference it will make to the health and yield of your tomato plant. Understanding Soil Nutrition The nutrition […]

Tomato Plant Nutrition: What Nutrients do Tomato Plants Need?

5 Sep

Tomato Plant Nutrition: What Nutrients do Tomato Plants Need?
soil test

Every tomato grower has a ‘secret recipe’ for tomato growing success. An integral part of a high yield is proper tomato plant nutrition. That’s right – plants need food, too! Giving a plant the right food at the right time will not only increase fruit yield, it will also help prevent damage from diseases and […]

Crop Rotation: What to Plant After Tomatoes

29 Aug

what to plant after tomatoes

Wondering what to plant after tomatoes? Crop rotation is incredibly important, as it optimizes the nutrients in your soil, and assists in growing absolutely delicious tomatoes. Why Practice Crop Rotation? Farmers world-wide have used certain practices to enhance the quality of their produce, such as growing by the phases of the moon. Crop rotation is […]

How to Make Compost

27 Jan


Adding compost to your soil is an effective way to improve the quality of your homegrown tomatoes. And it’s easy to make compost yourself. Compost Heap or Compost Bin? A bin looks tidy, and can help prevent small animals from breeding in your compost. However, a closed bin will make it more difficult to aerate

Growing Tomatoes by the Phases of the Moon

22 Oct

growing tomatoes

Rural communities have grown plants according to the phases of the moon for thousands of years. Gardening by the phases of the moon can germinate seeds faster, and produce plants that are stronger and bear more fruit. The moon waxes (light increases) and wanes (light decreases) in a cycle of about 28 days. Throughout this […]

How to Grow Your Own Groceries

16 Oct

Marjory Wildcraft

  Podcast: Play in new window | Download Had a very interesting chat with Marjory Wildcraft today, a very well-known gardener who grows her own groceries. Marjory has been called the “Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance” as she has taught hundreds of thousands of people in 30 countries how to simply and easily grow your own food and some […]

Tasty Tomatoes are a Valuable Commodity

29 Mar

tasty tomatoes

Whichever way you look at it, tasty tomatoes are a valuable commodity. They are nutritious and delicious, and most of us include them in our daily diet. What is interesting though is how differently they are promoted worldwide. For instance in Florida, USA there is currently a huge marketing drive to persuade mums to include […]

The Best Juicy Organic Tomatoes

1 Mar

juicy organic tomatoes

It really isn’t difficult to grow juicy organic tomatoes, but it helps to follow the tips of people who grow the best juicy tomatoes, especially when the process they follow is a little different to the norm. David and Anneke Blake are the owners of a successful market garden near Oxford in the UK, and […]

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

15 May

Growing Tomatoes in containers

One of the best things about tomatoes is that you can grow them just about anywhere, even on a small patio or tiny balcony. While some people maintain that growing tomatoes in containers is more time consuming than growing them in a veggie garden, this is not true. Provided you have a spot where they […]

Companion Planting – Do Carrots really love Tomatoes?

11 Mar

While a growing number of people are realising the benefits of companion planting, there is still a certain mystique about why some specific vegetables thrive with others. Similarly, those not in the know find it puzzling that it can be disastrous to combine plantings of certain other vegetable types together. For example, carrots love tomatoes; […]