Growing Tomatoes by the Phases of the Moon

22 Oct

Rural communities have grown plants according to the phases of the moon for thousands of years. Gardening by the phases of the moon can germinate seeds faster, and produce plants that are stronger and bear more fruit. The moon waxes (light increases) and wanes (light decreases) in a cycle of about 28 days. Throughout this time, the gravitational pull and amount of moonlight change. These changes not only impact the tides, but also smaller, subtler bodies of water, causing moisture to rise and fall in the earth.

If you are interested in giving this method of growing vegetables a go, it may be best to pick up a special calendar that marks the cycle of the moon. These should be available in good gardening shops or online.

First Quartergrowing tomatoes

The moon cycle starts with a new moon, or blackened moon. There is no moonlight, but the gravitational forces are strong. Water is pulled up to the surface of soil, and seeds swell and germinate. The first quarter marks the best time to plant above ground crops that have seeds outside their fruit, such as spinach, celery and broccoli.

Second Quartergrowing tomatoes

The second phase of the moon begins about one week after the first and ends with the full moon. At this point, the moon is 90 degrees from the sun. While the gravitational pull has lessened, moonlight has increased, which helps strengthen leaf growth. The second quarter is the best time to grow tomatoes, as well as other above ground crops that have their seeds inside the fruit.

Third Quarter3moon

The third phase begins at the full moon. At this point, the moon is halfway through its journey around Earth, and is directly opposite the sun. The moon begins to wane during the third quarter, drawing energy down into the roots. This is the best time to fertilize (organic), and plant root crops, such as carrots and potatoes.

Fourth Quarter4moon

The fourth phase takes place before the next new moon. Both the gravitational pull and moonlight are weak. Therefore, this is a time of rest, reflection and reorganization. Cultivate soil, employ pest management, weed garden, harvest and remove unwanted plants during this period. Now is the time to get ready for the beginning of the moons cycle.

Growing tomatoes by the phases of the moon is an interesting way to produce delicious homegrown tomatoes. If you would like comprehensive information on all aspects of growing tomatoes, join the 11,000 people who have accessed our best selling book How To Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes.