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3 Common Tomato Problems

18 Mar

tomato diseases

In your home garden, you probably won’t encounter too many pests and diseases. But if you do, don’t give up! It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact issue, so here are three common tomato problems you may have witnessed when growing tomatoes and their possible causes. For more in-depth information about a wide range […]

How To Grow Tomatoes From Cuttings

15 Dec

grow tomatoes

It’s easy to grow tomatoes from cuttings! And, you can fill your garden for free, or create a unique gift for the garden in your family. The tomato plant lends itself well to cutting propagation because the cells in the stems can turn into roots in about 2-4 weeks. Materials Required To Grow Tomatoes From […]

Deciding on the Right Tomato Variety

2 Nov


Tomatoes come in many shapes, sizes, colours and flavours, and with more than 11,000 recorded varieties, choosing what to grow can be a little daunting! Here are some tips to help you get started. Jointed or Jointless Tomatoes Tomato varieties are either jointed or not jointed. Jointed tomatoes retain their stalk when picked, whereas jointless […]

The Many Great Health Benefits of Tomatoes

16 Jun

health benefits of tomatoes

The American Tomato Products Wellness Council has identified hundreds of research studies from all over the world that prove that tomatoes are an important key to good health. The Council, which works towards increasing awareness of the health benefits of tomatoes and tomato products, had, by May 2013, identified more than 400 scientific studies, all […]

Why Home-grown Tomatoes Taste Better than Bought Tomatoes

3 Jun

Why Home-grown Tomatoes Taste Better than Bought Tomatoes

Researchers at the University of Florida say they have discovered exactly why the tomatoes we grow in our veggie gardens at home taste so much better than those sold in shops and supermarkets. Their findings published in the online version of Current Biology (24 May 2012) titled The Chemical Interactions Underlying Tomato Flavor Preferences, state […]

Companion Planting – Do Carrots really love Tomatoes?

11 Mar

While a growing number of people are realising the benefits of companion planting, there is still a certain mystique about why some specific vegetables thrive with others. Similarly, those not in the know find it puzzling that it can be disastrous to combine plantings of certain other vegetable types together. For example, carrots love tomatoes; […]

Companion Planting for your Tomatoes

2 Dec

Companion Planting for your Tomatoes

There’s a classic book called Carrots love Tomatoes that was written by a North American woman, Louise Riotte, nearly four decades ago. Considered by many to be the “bible” of companion planting, it was first published in 1975, and is still on the bookstore bookshelves years after her death in 1998. But in those days […]

Tomato Bugs and Pests

22 Aug

tomato bugs and pests

Much as we love tomatoes, so too do a number of bugs and other pests. For this reason it is essential to keep an eye out for those that are most common and to take corrective action as soon as you spot them. Tomatoes are also susceptible to a number of quite common diseases, so […]