Can You Grow Tomatoes Upside Down?

25 Jan

Growing tomatoes upside down is a recent novelty that is unique and can work with a bit of work and care.

It is an ideal answer for those people that do not have enough space to grow them in the ground or experience problems with pests or poor soil with few nutrients. In these conditions, growing tomatoes in pots, and especially in upside down pots is a good solution.

All you need to grow tomatoes upside down is a large bucket with a lid and a handle, good quality potting mix and a couple of robust tomato seedlings. You’ll also need some slow release balanced NPK fertilizer and a soluble or liquid fertilizer with low Nitrogen and high phosphorous and potassium.

Finally, you will need a tree, archway, or hook from the eaves or jutting out from the fence, that is strong enough to support the weight of a heavy bucket full of soil and tomatoes. The location is important too, as your tomato will need around 6 hours of sunlight in order to thrive and grow.

OnGrowing tomatoes upside downce you have these elements sorted, cut or drill a hole into the bottom of each bucket. Then shake any excess dirt off the seedling’s roots and slip them into the hole from the bottom. Yes, you should keep the tomato plant on the OUTSIDE of the bucket.

When you are happy with the plant’s fit through the hole, fill the rest of the bucket with your potting mix, being careful to mix in your slow release fertilizer as you go. Hang it in it’s final position and give it a good watering. It really is that simple.

As with all tomato plants, you should make sure that you water regularly (daily in hot weather) and apply the soluble high potassium fertilizer weekly when the first flowers appear. If the plant remains healthy and receives sufficient sunlight, you will soon have a plentiful crop hanging outside your window.

You can also buy ready made upside down planters.  We’ve found these to be okay for small bushy cherry tomato varieties, but nothing too much bigger as the root area is quite limited and the whole thing becomes very heavy.